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| beer - driven by history & innovation |



4380 Innes Rd. | Orléans
(at Tenth Line behind the BMO)
Ottawa | Ontario | Canada 


monday | closed
tuesday - wednesday | 11:30am – 10pm
thursday - saturday | 11:30am – 11pm
sunday | 11:30am – 5pm

ADMIN | weekdays | 9am – 6pm


monday | closed
tuesday - saturday | 11:30am – 9pm
Sunday | 11:30am – 5pm


want to carry OBC beers?





because Billy Bob Bison and the brew crew want to know.


t. 613.830.8428

Brewery location will be at 4380 Innes Rd, corner of Innes and Tenth Line.

We are FINALLY open and ready to pour your beers and prep you some funky charcuterie boards and other great beer pairing items!

Easiest way to find us is to drive to the stop sign next to the McDonalds and we will be right behind the BMO!

Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.
— Jack Nicholson
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Want to join us aT A special event?

by now, you’ve probably heard that we LOVE to party and…

most importantly, share our beers! Why not joining us at one of beer events going on?

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growing up in Ottawa, Adam headed off to ST. FRANCIS XAVIER on the East Coast where he completed 2 bACHelor degrees.

After working in the tech industry, he decided he needed to get his hands dirty a bit and found himself at Niagara college where he finally found his passion in the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management course.

Armed with his new knowledge and his passion for beer, adam moved to victoria to work for one of BC’s most well established craft breweries.

When we heard Adam was looking to come back home, there was no second guessing he’d Be a perfect fit with the OBC family!

Welcome home Adam!



Yann has always loved beer, but what he discovered after buying his home-brewing system, was just how much he enjoyed playing with the raw materials.

many travels, tastings, and reflections later, with his wife Célia by his side and, creations with friends into the wee-hours... OBC was born!

With a dream came a hobby.  A hobby turned into a passion. A passion grew into a lifestyle change.  The printer grew into a brewer.



– Orléans Brewing
Company –

driven by HISTORY & innovation


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OUR PHILOSOPHY is that learning from history and innovating through science makes for brewing the very best craft beer. 

OUR PASSION for beer lies in the quality of our ingredients, our consistent process, and our thirst of bringing old and new flavours together.

OUR MISSION is to make thirst quenching and flavourful beers the way craft beers used to be made but, also to embrace our wild and create new beers through science and patience.

OUR VISION is to become a standard in the brewing industry in terms of the quality and integrity of our products but also through our relationship within our community. ONE BEER AT A TIME.

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– Innovative . Fresh . Fun –

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None of us is as smart as all of us.
— Ken Blanchard
APA craft beer-biere artisanale


Large, strong, smooth, cool, and full of character - this bison brings the wild everywhere he goes!  And he never minds sharing his beer.

YANN, co-founder

YANN, co-founder

CÉLIA, co-founder

CÉLIA, co-founder

ADAM, Hoppaholic/Headbrewer

ADAM, Hoppaholic/Headbrewer

MATT, The Bison Whisperer/Sales

MATT, The Bison Whisperer/Sales

DAVE, Brand Ambassador & Sales

DAVE, Brand Ambassador & Sales

PATRIK, Festival Crew

PATRIK, Festival Crew

NEYSA, Festival Crew

NEYSA, Festival Crew

AUDREY, Festival Crew

AUDREY, Festival Crew

MATT, Festival Crew

MATT, Festival Crew

JONATHON, Festival Crew

JONATHON, Festival Crew

MELANIE, FestivalCrew

MELANIE, FestivalCrew




thank you to all our OBC beer supporters - without you, this team would be incomplete!


Stay Social

We are proud to be a part of the Craft Beer community and our hometown of Orléans, and, we hope to become a part of yours -- one recipe at a time, one beer at a time.

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OBC is...


wild /wīld / , unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure.  As in: "Billy Bob Bison is wild and wild good"

innovative / inəˌvādiv / , featuring new methods; advanced and original.  As in, "man those OBC peeps are innovative"

traditional / trəˈdiSH(ə)n(ə)l / , produced, done, or used in accordance with tradition. Like, "Wow... this beer is made just like the good ol' days! I've always wanted to try this traditional style!"

craft /kraft/ , an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

beer / bir/ , an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.