The newest member of our GANG OF BISON has finally arrived...

SMOKIN’, our 5.6% BROWN ALE is ready to be poured and enjoyed on a cold day!


Smooth and flavourful.

With its decadent chocolate, smoke, caramel and biscuit aromas, this dark brown ale has a nice clarity with a strong lacy white head. Expect some light cigar, leather, dark chocolate with a hint of caramel flavours with a creamy mouthful and a light bitterness finish.

Cheers to SMOKIN' good beer!


– There's A Bison For Every One –

[ Featuring our Seasonal & SMALL BATCH favorites ]




/ɡaNG/ a group that bands together. (as in: gang of bison)


american pale ale

A local take on the classic American Pale Ale! Billy Bob Bison is medium amber in colour, with a grapefruit/tangerine aroma.  Flavours of caramel and bread, mixed with a firm hop presence, yet surprisingly very well balanced.  A drying hop finish begs for another sip!

ABV: 6%  
IBU: 48

This is served perfectly with BBQ meats,as well as roasted or grilled meats, mild to medium cheddar and apple pie.


lagered ale

It's the perfect session beer and is very food friendly! 

Kölsch Me Ousside has a deep gold colour, with a pleasant earthy nose.  A balanced malt & hop flavour that finishes dry with a slight hop bite. 

So go ahead and “cash” this true-to-style, cold conditionned ale, just like history intended.

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 24

Best drank with friends and, pairs well with sausages, chicken, grilled dishes, seafood, nutty cheeses, and dessert such as cake.


Wit Willie
Tropical Witbier

This might just be your go-to summer beer!  

Wit Willie is a light Belgian summery wheat beer with a hazy pale straw in color and a white creamy head. 

It's orange and citrus aromas with notes of coriander is just a prelude to the passion fruit, orange, citrus and peppery flavours that you'll get with every sip. 

Crisp, refreshing, with a light hoppy finish! 

ABV: 4.6%  
IBU: 22

This Tropical Witbier is perfect with brunch items, salads, fried foods, spicy foods - including Thai, Vietnamese, and Mexican.  Its drinkability also makes it great with lighter seafood dishes, mascarpone or herb cheese spread on crostinis.  

Wit Willie loves getting together with friends and family, especially by the pool or the campground.

Our upcoming lineup... with a few secrets up our sleeve!






/smawl'bætʃ/Designating to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities by means of artisanal methods.



This New England style IPA is hazy and flavourful!  A summer favourite with its pineapple and candied tangerine aroma and, well complimented by its tropical flavours. 

The creamy rounded mouthfeel is balanced off with a pleasant sweet-like bitterness. 

Juicy McHazy won't disappoint the thirsty IPA seeker.

ABV: 6%
IBU: 55

Just like the traditional IPA, this hazy pale liquid is great served with sharp clothbound cheddars and blue cheeses, grilled steak, cobb salad, take-out chinese, or even an upside-down pineapple cake.


imperial stout - russian

How much flavour can you squeeze into an imperial stout?


With a deep mahogany colour, Black Hop Down has a teasing chocolate/café latte aroma.  This full bodied stout has a sweet licorice flavor, with a warming, brandyish mouthfeel.  It finishes with a chocolatey, slight bitter character.  For such a bold beer, it’s drinkability is quite pleasant!

ABV: 8.6%  
IBU: 76

This pairs wells with beef and venison stews, steak pies, mellow blue cheeses, and dark chocolate desserts.



Wild Wild West
West Coast IPA

This West coast IPA has a deep gold colour, with a pleasing pine forest aroma.  A firm malt character to start, with a balanced hop presence throughout.  WWW finishes with hints of citrus and pine, and delivers a classic IPA taste!

ABV: 6%  
IBU: 48

The Wild Wild West will be well balanced by meat & cheese dishes like hamburgers, pulled pork, the funkiest of cheese plates, roasted chicken or a spicy taco.