/ɡaNG/ a group that bands together. (as in: gang of bison)


Black Hop Down

imperial stout - russian

How much flavour can you squeeze into an imperial stout?


This intensely flavourful stout has balanced notes of coffee, chocolate, dark malts, and loads of hops. This bad boy is dangerously drinkable despite it’s high IBU and ABV. It pours thick, black and retains a strong caramel-colored head throughout. Every sip is an explosion of flavours. 

A perfect three-way of hops, malt and subdued alcohol!

ABV: 8.6%  
IBU: 76

This pairs wells with beef and venison stews, steak pies, mellow blue cheeses, and dark chocolate desserts.




american pale ale

This solid APA is a perfect balance of malt and American hops with its floral, citrus-like, light caramel and piney aromas.

Some things are just too good to disappear.  Billy Bob Bison is a tribute to the almost extinct craft beer industry in North America.  Just like the bison (a.k.a. American buffalo), it has seen a comeback to the enjoyment of many. 

Cheers to comebacks!

ABV: 6%  
IBU: 48

This is served perfectly with BBQ meats,as well as lighter fare like sushi and -green salads.

kolsch me ousside_can2.png


lagered ale

FUN FACT: Bison can reach 6.5ft tall, weigh up to 1,000KG, run 60KM/H, and jump 6ft high... “HOW-BOUDAT”!

So go ahead and “cash” this cold conditionned golden ale - the perfect fresh beer that flawlessly blends malty flavours with a crisp and light finish.

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 24

Best drank with friends and, Bratwurst, Nutty Cheeses and Cake.



Small Batch Brews


Billy Bob Bison - filtered edition

This APA was created using the original Billy Bob Bison recipe but was filtered to create a lighter textured beer.

It is still a perfect balance of malt and American hops with its floral notes, light citrusy hop bitterness and malty sweetness. It has retained the full aromas, full mouthfeel and the crisp finish. 

It no longer has its amber colour but it still has all the flavour. And that's awesome!


Wild Wild West
West Coast IPA


This West Coast IPA is all about the hops. It has a nice citrusy nose brought on by the triple threat of hops used in this IPA.  You’d never guess it has a 6% ABV with it’s crisp and dry finish.  The magnitude of hops and mild sweetness of the malt make this a perfect beer to drink alone or with food.

The Wild Wild West will be well balanced by meat & cheese dishes like hamburgers or the funkiest of cheese plates, roasted chicken or a spicy taco




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— Violet Fane , 1892